Express Mail Tracking Flexible Delivery

  • Go to the Correos Express tracking website:
  • Enter the shippingnumber: is the order number (9 / 16 numeric digits) that you receive by email/ SMS.
  • Enter the destination P.P.– this is the postal code of the delivery address you put in when you placed the order.
  • Click the icon !

Below we explain the notices and arrangements that you can make after placing your order and how to track the shipment of Express Mail with the Flexible Delivery service:

The day before delivery You will receive SMS (see IMAGEN1, screen start), you will also receive an EMAIL with the same link, by clicking the link You can (IMAGEN2):


The day of delivery You will be able to check, in the tracking link above received by EMAIL and SMS, the status of your order and see the estimated delivery time with a range of between 2 and 4 hours depending on the location, You can see an example of the tracking screen in movi l (PICTURE 3) and on the web (IMAGEN 4).

If you can't deliver on the first visit You will receive an SMS (PICTURE 1, end of screen), with the possibility of agreeing a new delivery date and time to receive your order.